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Common situations

The main 3 fuses of fuel contamination that we come across is:

People using plastic drums of fuel, which has been stored in a garage/shed or getting from a friend or relative which may have gathered condensation within the plastic tank causing diesel bug (water in fuel) 

Genuine mistake is that a fuel tank has been filled with AdBlue instead of Diesel because customers have took both caps off and just end up mixing the 2 up. 

A Fuel Station has had contamination issues.

Normally it is not covered by Insurance, Breakdown or Dealerships but its best to call them to make sure what they have in place. If they do not cover this but are able to assist then you may need to cover the costs of the repair yourself.  

Fuel contamination repair

Fuel Support offer a Fuel Contamination Repair Service on your vehicle, on the spot. Our Specialist Contamination Vehicles will see that the vehicles engine is fully drained, the fuel tank/s are fully drained along with the fuel lines and all fuel components. We then flush through the system with a cleaning product and force air through the system (where we can) to dry out the product/additive. We then replenish the fuel system and provide adequate amount of fuel to get your vehicle to the fuel station along with a cleaner to help with any residue. We then provide you with a report of our findings i.e. Water in Fuel. 

Contaminated Fuel Stations

We have attended many vehicles where the Fuel Stations Fuel may have become contaminated through whatever reason whether its a split in the underground tank or bad fuel.
You will then need to contact the Fuel Station as quickly as possible to explain the issue and what you would like done to resolve this.
They may ask to inspect the vehicle or offer their own services they have in place and if so you should allow this.

– To keep their fuel receipts as proof that they/you have purchased contaminated petrol/diesel.

– If the car starts to run roughly or misfire, drivers should contact us on 0333 444 6 247 for advice, their car dealer or manufacturer for advice.

– If you car has broken down Call Us and we can give you straight honest advice.

– We may be able to take a sample of the petrol to keep as evidence.

– You may be advised not to drive the car, if so, do not.

You should know

Petrol pumps are checked for accuracy when they are installed and serviced.

Trading Standards will also check the accuracy of pumps. If you experience issues, you should report the issue to your local Trading Standards if you feel as if you are not being treated correctly or need answers and your not getting them. 

If you experience any problems, raise them while you are still at the petrol station and take down the name of the person that you spoke with. If your problem is not resolved at the station, you can raise a complaint via Trading Standards. 

Fuel Support – 0333 444 6 247

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Renault Capture

Great Service. Who thought such a service was around.

star star star star star

Steven Hesslington


Fiat 500

Hi, Id just like to say thanks to carl who came out to me in Wingate, Durham last week. My car started stuttering because i put the wrong fuel in my car. Great service. thank you hunny. x

star star star star star

Ashleigh Gibbons


Audi A6

I called you at 3.15pm on a friday needing assistance in Newcastle. You came within 1hr and sorted my vehicle out. I put petrol in my diesel car. What a great service and very cheap compared to national companies.

star star star star star

Phillip Greenstead

Newcastle Upon Tyne

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