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Renault Capture

Great Service. Who thought such a service was around.

star star star star star

Steven Hesslington


Fiat 500

Hi, Id just like to say thanks to carl who came out to me in Wingate, Durham last week. My car started stuttering because i put the wrong fuel in my car. Great service. thank you hunny. x

star star star star star

Ashleigh Gibbons


Audi A6

I called you at 3.15pm on a friday needing assistance in Newcastle. You came within 1hr and sorted my vehicle out. I put petrol in my diesel car. What a great service and very cheap compared to national companies.

star star star star star

Phillip Greenstead

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Citroen C1

DAM, I put the wrong fuel in my petrol car, i put diesel in. Someone told me to top it up and mix the wrong fuel with fresh fuel so i listened to him. I suddenly broke down on the A69 in Northumberland. I was waiting 30 mins and a technician from this company turned up, towed me to a safe location and fixed my car. He provided some fuel and i went home. All happened within 60 mins.

star star star star

Harry Walker


Toyota Prius

Filled up with the wrong fuel in Sunderland. Esso gave me your contact details and i called. Very polite male answered the phone and assured me i'd have someone with me in 40 minutes. I then received a call from Ryan who said he was 30 mins away. He attended, very polite young lad who explained what he was going to do. He provided me fuel and i drove back to the pump and filled up with correct fuel. 5 STAR SERVICE.

star star star star star

Josh Young

Esso Sunderland

Mercedes E Class

well done everyone involved, still very annoyed i filled up with the wrong fuel but you guys (Pete) got me away safely.

star star star star star

George Flexington


Mazda CX-5

Thank you Forecourt Assist North East / Fuel Support for your assistance. I mistakenly put petrol in my diesel Mazda CX-5 and drove it around Carlisle. Karl attended within 50 mins and he had my car up and running again in 25 mins. Excellent Service, very happy with the service.

star star star star star

Micheal Hopes

Asda Wigton

Mazda 6

Thank you very much to Ryan who attended my vehicle late one night last week. Lovely lad.

star star star star star

Olivia Sicamore


Land Rover Discovery

Absolute Fantastic Service. Called my breakdown and although i was not covered the price was very good. My recovery sent out this company and i can't fault any of the service apart from my own mistake. Thank You Carl.

star star star star star

Jeff Stones

Sainsburys Newcastle

Peugeot Scooter

Use my diesel car for long journeys but my scooter for work, you just took my overtime off me. ha ha, could have been worse though if I broke my scooter I could have been looking at a new engine which is a fortune. Thanks Forecourt Assist North East.

star star star star star

Jack Snowdon


Audi A4

Silly mistake, won't happen again. Thanks to the forecourt and the lad who attended me. Cracking service

star star star star star

Tom Hogekiss


Vauxhall Corsa

On me way to work at 6am not thinking, still asleep and I put petrol in my diesel, lad got to me within 15 mins and it took about that to take it all out. Word of warning, don't tell your mates what you did. I'm getting hounded. Lol. Cheers lads.

star star star star star

Miss Higgins


Peugeot 307

Petrol Station gave me your card and i have to say what a cracking young chap that came out to me, i was chewing his ear off on why i put wrong fuel in my car but he just listened. Cracking lad, didn't get his name but he had a Jeep 4x4. Thanks.

star star star star star

Sandra Carrside


Mercedes Vito

Very good service, 5 stars at 11pm on night. Only waited 25 minutes when my breakdown was going to come next day.

star star star star star

Mr Algerza



You truly showed your professionalism when attending me at Asda Peterlee. I had accidentally put £40 of petrol into my husbands BMW, he went ape by the way. Ha Ha. Thanks a lot David the Technician.

star star star star star

Julie Hughes


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