Wrong Fuel Durham


Operating from our Head Office in Meadowfield Durham, we have Fully Certified Fuel Drain Technicians strategically placed in and around Durham. Our aim was to place a technician North of Durham and one Fuel Drain Technician South of County Durham. We would then place 2 technicians within Durham, one based East of Durham and one based West of Durham supporting both North and South technicians.

When you fill up with the wrong fuel in Durham we will ask you some very simple questions, Your location, Your vehicle make and model, Is it petrol or diesel and has the vehicle been driven and finally a contact number. We will quote you the best price possible for your vehicle along with the quickest ETA of our closest Misfuel Technician.

The Technician/s will arrive at your location in County Durham within 1 hour  or the time our call handler estimated and you will be asked a few questions regarding your vehicle. The technician will then make a safe working area using cones and proceed to drain out the wrong fuel from your car. Once we have drained your vehicles tank and fuel system we will replenish your vehicles engine and provide £10 worth of fresh fuel (sometimes an additive is included in the price). We then get your vehicle back up and running.

Our advice is that you then go back to the fuel station pumps and fill up with correct fresh fuel.

We work on a “NO START, NO FEE POLICY” which gives you the customer reassurance that if we don’t get your vehicle away, we don’t charge you “if the fault is through misfuel”.

By using Fuel-Support.uk you are supporting a local business within County Durham who try to give back to the community within Durham by supporting local businesses.

Fuel Support are part of a UK Network of Wrong Fuel Companies. Fuel Support cover Durham and the North East but our network is made up of local businesses throughout the UK.

If you have filled up with the wrong fuel and need a fuel drain service whether thats petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car please contact us directly on 0333 444 6 247.