Wrong Fuel Hartlepool

Have your made a MisFuel Mistake and filled up with the wrong fuel in your vehicle? In the event that you’re here stranded in or around the Hartlepool area and fretting, then simply call the quickest and most cost effective wrong fuel drain professionals now. Fuel Support are the North East’s specialist wrong fuel recovery and fuel drain specialists. Our Fuel Drain Technicians are Fully qualified vehicle technicians with City and Guilds and IMI Vehicle repair certification and are experienced in dealing with virtually all varieties of cars.

We hold full Environment Agency registration and full Public Liability Insurance intended for your convenience. We have the capacity to cope with all vehicle varieties without regard for if they have been driven on the wrong fuel or not.

So, whether you desire a wrong fuel drain or just assistance on how to handle it, you should call us whenever needed. Our call operators are standing by to address any questions and get a technician to you in a flash to deal with your vehicle. Call now and check out just how we could assist:

And so, a bit of help and advice for you in Hartlepool, Durham:

  • Petrol in a Diesel Vehicle? Diesel in the Petrol Car? Wrong Fuel in a Car?
  • Avoid starting the motor (not even to get the car away from the pump). Leaving the contaminated fuel in the tank and clear of vulnerable fuel system workings will lessen the chance of damage to your vehicle.
  • In cases where you have run the motor, do not worry. Practically 99% of vehicles run on the wrong fuel can be fully flushed without having any enduring consequences.
  • Get professional help relating to specifically what to do now. Our telephone staff are always on hand 24 hours a day to help get you going again.
  • Give us a call now if you require assistance in Hartlepool on 0333 444 6 247



We attended Shell Garage on behalf of David Bishop in Hartlepool after he had mistakenly put petrol into a diesel car and luckily realised at the pumps. he called fuel support where we attended within 30 mins and drained the vehicles fuel tank.


Asda Hartlepool, We attended Asda hartlepool after one of the Asda home delivery vans that delivers the Asda food to peoples homes around Hartlepool had accidentally been filled up with the wrong fuel. We attended within the hour meaning normal delivery could continue.